The true Protestant is a liberator and exposes the system, says Nicaraguan theologian Herbet Bonilla

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By Trinidad Vázquez:

In the setting of the Week of the Reformation, at the XIII International Humanities Lectures and the 20th anniversary of the Evangelical University of Nicaragua, presentations were given on the Protestant Reformation. In the sixth theological forum, professor and theologian Herbet Bonilla said that the true Protestant is a liberator and exposes the system.

Bonilla said that the Christian who claims the gospel has to be a combatant Protestant, a liberator and a person who unmasks the exploiting social system that does not respect justice.

The Protestant that is rooted in the gospel tends to be a liberator, a radical, an emancipator, liberating, because he or she exposes the system, since the gospel itself is liberating. “Today regrettably my perception is that the Protestant has lost that critical aspect because of institutional, denominational, and ecclesial interests,” Bonilla affirmed.

The second presentation lookeJenifer Bolufer ( at the contributions of women to the Reformation, and was given by theologian Jennifer Bolufer, Dean of the Theological Seminary of Managua, who recalled that one of those valiant women was Elizabeth von Braden, who faced persecution when receiving the sacrament from a Lutheran minister.

Bolufer also pointed to other women among them Margarita of Navarra, the noble queen who supported the Reformation; Teresa de Jesús, theologian of the Catholic church who chose to live according to her faith and who was carefully scrutinized by the Inquisition; Argula von Granbach, the first woman to defend a Reformer; and Catarina von Bora, a woman dedicated to the Reformation and who escaped from a convent and suggested to a Lutheran that he marry her, for which she was persecuted.

At the end of the International Humanities Lectures, Professor Rómulo Esteban Montilla of Venezuela was awarded a Doctorate Honoris Causa.

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