National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon condemns all acts of violence

Our sisters and brothers from the National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon have released a statement which reads, in part:

Beirut mourns with Paris and Damascus and Aleppo and Homs and Baghdad and Moscow and with every place that suffers acts of violence. Violence indeed negates the will of God who wills life for all.

We…strongly condemn all acts of violence anywhere and at any time for any reason. We pray for all the families that have lost loved ones. We stand in solidarity with and support all who work for peace, justice and reconciliation. We call upon the whole world to stand against all acts of violence, to do all that is possible to bring to an end the tragic events of Syria, Iraq and other places.

Read the full statement through the link below:…/u…/2015/11/1105-NESSL-FromBeirutToParis.pdf

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