The ILCO on same-sex marriage: “a blessing where the Gospel comes to life”


The Costa Rican Lutheran Church-ILCO- celebrates the entering into effect of the legalization of same sex marriage in Costa Rica. On May 26 2020 the country became the first in Central America to accept marriage between people of the same sex. “Even though the date didn’t have the expected celebrations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our church celebrates this historical moment which guarantees upholding of Human Rights”, says the ILCO on their web.

The church must be a space of celebration and encounter with the diversity of life, where the values of respect and caring welcome prevail. Christians ought to emphasize the advocacy for God’s unconditional love, grace, and mercy, going beyond the condemnation and exclusion that has been imposed over minorities over centuries, they assert.

The pastor Gilberto Quesada, president of the church, refers to the importance of supporting this law:
“Supporting and accompanying this law’s process is to be besides the excluded minorities, given that this is a matter of Human Rights and not of textual Bible interpretations and the church approaches these themes through pastoral action. To accompany on the pastoral area when the other finds themselves reduced to hurt, loneliness, and discrimination is what nowadays leads us to participate in these life projects and, through the teachings of Christ, we open up saces that encourage the dignity of a fuller life for everyone.”

It’s worth noting that this church has historically fought this fight and is the signing church of the bill that reached the legislative assembly.

Editor’s NoteIt’s currently 29 the number of countries where same-sex marriage has been approved. More than 70 countries criminalize and penalize the LGBT+ collective in many different ways which range from heavy sanctions to the death penalty.

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