WCRC begins serach for next General Secretary


The World Communion of Reformed Churches is starting the process to choose its next General Secretary after Rev. Dr. Chris Ferguson completes his term of service in August 2021.

To ensure a smooth transition, the WCRC Executive Committee will elect the next general secretary during its meeting in May 2021, and a General Secretary Search Committee has thus been established to recommend a nominee. Below is a job description and information on how to apply by 30 November 2020.

“As a global koinonia, we seek to discern, confess, witness, and be reformed with and through the life of the whole Communion as together we work to transform the world,” said President Najla Kassab. “We are dedicated to live in hope and move forward despite all challenges; to find the right candidate to lead us in our work as we are called to communion and committed to justice.”

The General Secretary is “the chief Executive Officer of the World Communion of Reformed Churches and shall be responsible to the General Council and to the Executive Committee to direct and to coordinate the work of the World Communion” (Constitution, Article XII).

Qualifications and Job Description

The General Secretary is “the chief Executive Officer of the World Communion of Reformed Churches and shall be responsible to the General Council and to the Executive Committee to direct and to coordinate the work of the World Communion” (Constitution, Article XII). Other responsibilities of the General Secretary are noted in the Constitution of the WCRC and detailed below.

Qualifications Required

  1. A firm commitment to the Reformed faith;
  2. Pastoral sensitivity and spiritual leadership;
  3. Theological training, with post graduate degree (at least Masters);
  4. Familiarity with and commitment to Reformed tradition as well as with current theological trends;
  5. A member in good standing of a WCRC member church;
  6. Familiarity with current international issues;
  7. Commitment to strengthening the common witness of the Reformed churches and to making a contribution to the ecumenical movement in the 21st century;
  8. Experience with Reformed churches in different parts of the world;
  9. Understanding of cultural and religious diversity;
  10. Sensitivity to gender and youth issues;
  11. Experience and innovation in management and administration;
  12. Experience and skills in raising and managing funds;
  13. Experience of working in and managing a team;
  14. Creativity and imagination in developing and carrying out the programmes of an organization;
  15. Effective communication skills, both orally and in writing;
  16. Language requirements: demonstrate fluency in written and oral English (knowledge of the other working languages of the Communion – French, German and Spanish – would be an advantage).

Job Description

A. The General Secretary has overall responsibility for the activities of the Communion’s secretariat, including:

  1. Supervise the work of the Communion;
  2. Lead the staff team of the Communion;
  3. Conduct mandated performance reviews of Executive Secretaries;
  4. Manage and administer the Communion’s organization;
  5. Supervise the preparation and execution of the budget;
  6. Advise the Officers and Executive Committee on potential risks and liabilities;
  7. Supervise programmatic fundraising;
  8. Raise funds for core budget and overall Communion needs;
  9. Supervise publications of the Communion;
  10. Handle correspondence of the Communion.

B. The General Secretary represents the Communion and its concerns in a collegial and pastoral way to:

  1. The member churches and the whole Reformed family;
  2. The ecumenical movement, in particular to the World Council of Churches, the Lutheran World Federation, the World Evangelical Alliance, and other Christian world communions;
  3. The wider public as primary spokesperson, along with the President.

And maintains a regular presence in the life of the member churches by:

  1. Visiting member churches and supporting them in times of crisis;
  2. Delegating staff, the Officers and/or the Executive Committee members to visit member churches;
  3. Visiting member churches in order to strengthen their witness.

C. The General Secretary, in close collaboration with the President, the Officers and all the members of the Executive Committee, is responsible for carrying out the mandates of the General Council, including:

  1. Ensuring a time and place for an annual Executive Committee meeting;
  2. Coordinating the timely submission of reports to the Executive Committee;
  3. Maintaining relationships and managing documents with Regional Councils;
  4. Making all necessary arrangements for the convening, reporting, and proper conduct of the General Council.

Term of Office

The General Secretary shall be elected by the Executive Committee for an initial seven year term, and shall be eligible for re-election for one additional term.

The Personnel Committee will conduct a comprehensive performance review mid-term as well as just prior to submitting a recommendation regarding a second term to the Executive Committee.

Salary and Conditions of Employment

Conditions of service are specified in “Personnel Policy and Practices of the World Communion of Reformed Churches.” Other salary information is available on request.

How to Apply

Qualified candidates are encouraged to apply with the endorsement of their member church. The position is open to all persons, women or men, lay or ordained.

The Application package should include:

  1. Application and motivation letter;
  2. Endorsement by the candidate’s church (a member church of the WCRC);
  3. At least two professional references to be sent directly to the moderator;
  4. Relevant certificates and degrees;
  5. A statement of the faith journey of the applicant;
  6. A paper either written previously for a journal publication or specifically for this application process on a theme relevant for the Reformed family today.

Deadline for applications to be received: 30 November 2020

Please send applications to:

WCRC Search Committee

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