COMUNDOS: Sustainable use of natural resources of the forest

A contribution from COMUNDOS. I am a teacher in the Professional Rural Family School in Mecubúri one of the districts of the Nampula (Mozambique) province. I must explain to the world about the destruction of the vegetation as a human phenomenon that is going on in our community.

Well, the devastation of the forest has become a reality over the past few years, due to various factors, which are:
The extraction of timber for export, the great demand for firewood, and the extraction of material for the construction of houses.

The search for new areas for agricultural production, the making of vegetable charcoal through the burning of the trunks of young, enormous trees, thus providing quality charcoal.
This practice has been carried out by some families which is getting out of control.
As consequences, I can highlight: the erosion or impoverishment of the soil;
and the excessive deforestation leading to desertification;
As way of mitigation, our community should plant more trees and avoid the evil custom of the willful burning of vegetation which many times turns to be out of control.

To avoid the excessive exportation of timber, the community should also get involved in controlling deforestation.
And finally, the Government should provide data and sensitise its citizens about the importance of vegetation.

Translation: Michael MC

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