Our Agency celebrates mutual collaboration agreement with the Qonakuy Network


The Ecumenical Communication Agency from Latin America and Caribbean celebrates a new “agreement framework” of mutual cooperation which, in this time of pandemic due to COVID-19, takes on a wide and deep capacity to empower actions with academic spaces. In this case we join efforts with the Qonakuy Network.

Qonakuy is the name of a network of more than 15 protestant and evangelical universities from countries of Latin America and the Caribbean recognized by their respective states as institutions of superior education. The name Qonakuy chosen by the founding universities in September 2017 means “I bring the best of me to my meeting with you” in the indigenus Quechua language.

The name Qonakuy, tells us their general secretary, Humberto Martín Shikiya, is a proposal to deconstruct categories and tear down old inherited paradigms, to discourage the individualism that destroys the coexistence of and between people, to prevent the tendency to use and instrumentalize the human being with the goal to turn them in another coil of a mercantilist logic. All that drives towards consumerism and destruction, both of humanity and the environment.

Through the institutional and academic trajectories of the universities that make up Qonakuy, it is proposed to contribute in an associative and collective way with their own universities and other academic entities, scientific and technological institutions, multilateral organisms and religious and social organizations, public and private programs: the construction of knowledge, the development of investigations and the search for theoretical and practical soundness to advance in the solution of economic, social, and environmental problems in the framework of a sustainable development, human dignity, and the caring for our common house.”

This  agreement “takes on a wide and deep capacity to empower actions in academic, investigative, and technical spaces; to empower actions that build new instances not only in training but also, in words of the secretary general, Dr Humberto Shikiya, that contribute to facilitate bridges of compromise and mutual aid in the region where theoretical and practical thought may enable new modes of recreate economic, environmental, and sustainable development relationships,” says Leonardo Felix, ALC News Director.

We aspire, continuously, that this new framework agreed by both organizations draws forth new alliances in the region that strengthens the search for a fuller, dignified, and rich life.

Translation: Massimiliano Tron, Freelance Translator. To contact him: tronmassimiliano@gmail.com

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