Religions for Peace Brazil regrets the 100,000 deaths from Covid-19


Religions for Peace Brazil has issued on August 8, the date on which the country has exceeded one hundred thousand deaths from COVID-19, the Multireligious Declaration for the Brazilian Nation, with the signature of the religious leaders representing the National Conference of Catholic Bishops (CNBB), the National Council of Christian Churches (CONIC), the Evangelical Christian Alliance (ACEB), the Alliance of Baptists (ABB), the Israelite Confederation (CONIB), the Islamic National Union (UNI) and the National Institute of Afro-Brazilian Tradition and Culture (INTECAB).

The document is a common call, despite the crisis of serious proportions, to continue cultivating hope, solidarity and self-care, taking into account the recommendations of public health experts. “We want to affirm with our united voices that life always comes first and we cannot leave anyone behind…  We represent different religions and spiritualities and we are together to welcome everyone in this moment of vulnerability, pain, disorientation and suffering.  As religious leaders, we will wait for the moment when science indicates that we can be together and safe.  Until then, we will remain united and protected in our homes and in our hearts.”  The declaration concludes with a call to Brazilian society to mobilize to build a better future. Attached we are sending the complete document (in Portuguese).

Also, on August 8, Religions for Peace Brazil in partnership with CONIC, the Institute of Religious Studies (ISER) and Peace and Hope organized the Inter-religious Act “Lamento 100 mil” in memory of those who died in the pandemic.  The Moderator of the Latin American and Caribbean Council of Religious Leaders – Religions for Peace, Cardinal Raymundo Damasceno Assis, shared a message in which he expressed his solidarity with the victims, noting that more than a number, they are people, who possibly died for the lack of coordination policies and measures that had to be taken.  The event, which can be seen on the website:

Ended with the reading of the Multireligious Declaration by Dr. Flavio Conrado, Facilitator of Religions for Peace Brazil.Zona de los archivos adjuntos

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