Lusófona presents “The origins of Christianity”


It is an e-learning course from February 11 that consists of 7 modules and is part of the series “Bible Approaches: Book Study Seminar.”

Its objective is to study the complex historical, religious, social and political context of the early days of Christianity. It also seeks to help understand the historical dynamics of this process, as well as the internal tendencies it revealed.

In this way, the course presented by Lusófona aims to help to better understand the origins of the Christian faith, focusing on different political and social aspects, as well as theological ones, which help to explain the religious, political and cultural background of the first century of the Christian era.

The recipients? The course is essentially aimed at religious leaders in general, pastors and laity, men and women, involved in the religious / ecclesial sphere, pastoral agents, educators, community leaders, students and teachers of religious sciences and theology, academics and those interested in the history of Christianity.

The program consists of:

Module 1: The Inter-Biblical Period

Module 2: Society, culture and literature in the period between wills

Module 3: The Qumran Texts and the Origins of the Christian Faith

Module 4: Synoptic and Johannine Christianity

Module 5: The Samaritan Way

Module 6: The Centrality of the Christian Faith

Module 7: Actuality, reliability and hermeneutics of biblical texts

Teacher: Prof. José Brissos-Lino

The course is free. Students who wish to present the final work for evaluation and have access to the certificate, in this case will have to make a payment of 25 Euros.

Registration is open. You can register here:

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