Historic churches will be observers of the electoral process in El Salvador

Illustrative photo: Rafael Menjivar


The Salvadoran Lutheran Church (ILS) will be one of the observers of the electoral process that will take place in El Salvador on February 28 in which Deputies and members of the Municipal Councils will be elected. The Anglican, Reformed and Baptist Emanuel churches also participate, joining forces in this collective work.

The February 28 elections are the tenth of their kind since the signing of the 1992 peace accords and the twelfth since the promulgation of the 1983 Constitution of the Republic; The 84 deputies to the Legislative Assembly, which form the Legislative Body of the country, as well as the members of the Municipal Councils of the 262 municipalities of the country are elected there.

From the ecumenical space, they indicated that they drew up a plan for face-to-face and virtual electoral observation, with teams deployed at different points. The face-to-face work will be carried out in more than 60 voting centers, which will be observed by a national network of leaders of the communities, who, complying with all the biosafety protocols and with credentials from the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, will be trained and qualified for the process.

The majority of observer groups will be made up of young people. “They are people who belong to our churches,” said Rev. Rafael Menjivar of the Salvadoran Lutheran Church (ILS), who considered that they do not rule out “having the support of people who want to help us and who do not have to be members, but they do they want to help. ” Menjivar added that the virtual process will have “ten centers with a little more technology management,” from where the election process will also be followed.

The churches called on the candidates and political parties to carry out a campaign of respect and height. “To all politicians, so that they stop using that speech of fight, hatred and resentment and we are oriented towards that reconciliation, forgiveness and union of which our Lord Jesus Christ calls us,” said Rev. David Alvarado, Bishop of the Anglican Episcopal Church. The observatory has been named Revda Cecila Alfaro, in homage to the deceased Lutheran pastor, pioneer of the democratic effort that today is reflected in the ecumenical work of observation of the electoral process.

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