Haiti: between hope and rebelliousness

PH: Catianne Tijerina (ACT alliance.CWS)


 “More than ever, the Haitian people are today claiming for global solidarity among the peoples and sectors committed to world peace to revert the current poverty, lack of institutionality, official corruption, exclusión and human rights violations before the ilegitimacy of a democacry missappropriated by political power. Haiti remains a victim of an economic development world model where social injustice stands above the needs of people and the preservation of biodiversity as the cornerstone of an ideal GOVERNMENT PLAN that favours the people and nature,” as affirmed by a Statement from the CONVIDA-20 Alliance.

The Statement reads:

Haiti is experiencing an uncontrollably unstable political situation that places the ability to wait of a people condemned by racism and colonialism in a borderline situation, a reality that becomes intolerable, defined by the lack of respect to democratic institutionality, non-existent constitutional rights and the prevalence of dominant sectors’ and international capital’s interests, causing a humanitarian and political crisis.

Haiti is a rising democracy with failed tryings and impaired by its history of dictatorships and tiranny made possible from external power centers which have made it impossible for the country to grow solid grounds for the development of a country project in line with the ideals of the Haitian peace, justice and brotherhood revolution.

Haiti continues to accumulate hopelessness and abandonment along with a history of resistance and solidarity for the freedom of peoples from Latin America and the Caribbean, thereby expressing the more inconditional shows of dedication towards their neighbours.

In face of these new challenges posed to the peace of Haiti, the Originary Peoples Commission and the Afrodescendants of the World Alliance CONVIDA 20 claims for the respect of the Haitian people’s self determination in the need of living in a legality state and social justice protected under the provisions of the constitution. We also demand for the compliance with the legal bases allowing that, as of February 7th, Haiti counts with popular, social and political agreement that makes it possible for the people to wlak a path of peace.

We join the voices of the Haitian people who resist that in the streets claim for the respect to the constitution. We require the president Jovenel Moise to step out of office the upcoming February 7th, 2021, to give room for the conformation of a transition government of national unity that holds free elections and provide for constitutional rights so, by way of the widest popular participation, the Haitian people’s democratic future is guaranteed and defined.

Adhesions and the complete Statement can be downloaded in PDF here.

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