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The health system in Manaus is under severe pressure. Hospitals in Amazonas state are overwhelmed after a surge in Covid-19 infections linked to a new variant, leaving many without even the most basic supplies.“Today was one of the hardest days in all my years of public service. You feel so impotent,” sobbed Francisnalva Mendes, the health chief in the river town of Coari, as she remembered when its hospital’s oxygen supply ran out.“We need to get back to the fight – to carry on saving lives,”

Mendes insisted as she digested losing a third of her town’s 22 Covid-19 patients in one fell swoop – four of them in their 50s. “But we all feel broken. It was such a hard day.”

There has also been systematic fraud and mismanagement of the pandemic. Two Amazonian State health ministers, Rodrigo Tobias and Simone Araújo de Oliveira Papaiz are suspected of fraud in the purchase of respirators for the state.

Manaus made international headlines in April 2020 after a torrent of Covid deaths forced authorities to carve mass graves out of the city’s rust-red earth. Nine months – and more than 210,000 Brazilian deaths – later, the situation is even worse.

More than 7,000 deaths and 250,000 infected people have been registered in the State of Amazonas since the pandemic began,A hospital worker said “There’s an atmosphere of disgust, abandonment, despair and impunity,” said one staff member at the Alvorada health clinic in Manaus, where medics were filmed pleading for divine intervention. “What we’re watching is a complete massacre, a desperate situation, a horror film.”Inspired by Joseph, Nehemiah, Esther and Daniel heroes of faith in scripture, who cried out in advocacy, we now also cry out against the failures of the Amazonas state and Brazilian government, and the Municipality of Manaus.While the three levels of government blame each other for their own inaction, patients who depend on manual ventilation to survive in hospitals in Manaus suffer.

The country and the world witnessed a preventable tragedy: the suffering of thousands of people fighting for their lives, unable to breathe, and their loved ones watching the death of their families, up close.How long will Amazonians suffer from the violation of their fundamental, basic rights to life and health? Now, with a new mutation of the virus circulating in the State of Amazonas, which international health authorities warn is probably more contagious; with patients facing long transfers to other states in the country; with vaccination overdue and people lining up desperate to be vaccinated, our brothers and sisters in Brazil feel this is just the tip of the iceberg of much bigger problems that the whole country faces: corruption, mismanagement and omission by the state.

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