Judges for Democracy: Open Letter to the International Community


The Brazilian people are being targeted by a death policy

While most of the world adopts protection measures for their
populations, promoting vaccinations, imposing social distancing,
providing minimum financial support and running campaigns to
reinforce the importance of wearing masks and using hand sanitizer,
the President of Brazil does the exact opposite. He incentivizes
agglomerations, interferes with the purchase and distribution of
vaccines, questions the use of face masks as a measure to prevent
contamination, incentivizes the use of medication not recommended
by robust studies already published in the scientific community. He
continues to promote a climate of persecution and embarrassment
for Brazilian researchers and institutions that pursue, above all else,
the scientific knowledge necessary to confront the serious problems
of this pandemic.

Institutionally, the Federal Government still interferes with
the governors and mayors attempting to take any protective
measures against the dissemination of the virus, while aware that the
health system in Brazil has begun to collapse.

The full letter can be read here: https://alc-noticias-media-en.s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/2021/03/30201016/CARTA-ABERTA-A%CC%80-COMUNIDADE-INTERNACIONAL-OPEN-LETTER.pdf

Sign this letter: Association of Judges for Democracy
Valdete Souto Severo, President.

American Association of Jurists Rama Brasil (AAJ)
Brazilian Association of Ergonomics (ABERGO)
Brazilian Association of Labour Studies (ABET)
Brazilian Association of Jurists for Democracy (ABJD)
Brazilian Association of Workers’ Health (ABRASTT)
Brazilian Association of Occupational Therapists (ABRATO)
Brazilian Center for Health Studies (CEBES)
Brazilian Commission for Justice and Peace/CNBB
Committee in Defense of Democracy and the Democratic Rule of Law
Pan American Committee of Judges for Social Rights and Franciscan
Doctrine – COPAJU
Department of Public Health – Faculty of Medical Sciences, Unicamp
Work Related Accidents Forum (FÓRUMAT)

Workers’ Health Defense Front (representing 54 institutions and social
Study Group Work, Management and Health (TRAGES/UFG)
Extension and Research Group Work and Teachers’ Health
Workers’ Health Work Group (DVRT/PAIR), of the Brazilian Society of
Phonoaudiologists (GT-ST/SBFa)
Decent Work Institute (ITD)
Interinstitutional Laboratory of Subjectivity and Work (LIST) – Department
of Psychology (DPI) – Maringá State University (UEM)
New Central Union of Workers (NCST)
Brazilian Trade Union Observatory – Clodesmidt Riani (OSBCR)
Workers’ Pastoral (PO)
Graduate Program in Rehabilitation Sciences (PPG-REAB/UFBA)
Graduate Program in Health, Environment and Work (PPSAT/UFBA)
Irerê Science Protection Network
Health and Work Network of the Latin American Association of Social
Medicine (ALAMES)
National Movement Against Corruption and Democracy

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