Cuban Ecumenic Campaign: FamilieS, until love becomes the Law


 “The meaning of family is just that, joining together in love and for love weaves the life of those who are part of it as a tree we inhabit from our individual lives,” say those who make Cuban Ecumenic Voices, adding that “it is not possible to think of a family without that colective element. It is built, also, from the project of nation to which we look at. A utopy with concrete signs and actions.”

We are all part of a family: the one from which we come from, the one in which we grow up, the one we choose, the one we start. The family environment is not strange to us. In it we find nourishment, support, leisure amidst the toughness of days. When the family environment is not what we expetcted, when it vanishes in lack of understanding and spiritual distance, then a family comes into existence among those people or spaces which, by caring about us, support us, accompaing us and stimulate us.

In accordance with this conclusion of what families are and should be, with all the variety of colours, shapes, sizes each family environment has in nowadays’ Cuba, and with the firm conviction of knowing that God blesses every home, this campaing called “FamilieS, until Love becomes the Law.”

With absolute confidence on love being what inspires, rearranges and gives gain, we stand by an upcoming Code of Families in Cuba that is more fair, inclusive, renewing, proactive and inspiring.

The Campaing is expected to last six weeks, a term started on 28th May

Five weeks are left with five promotional units on how families are as told by people of faith

The release date of each unit is every Friday at 10:00 (Cuba) on every Voices (Voces) platform and on the Facebook profile of ALC NEWS

Voices is an initiative which wants to show Cuba an inclusive and ecumenic Christianism, whose message is that of Love and the humility of Jesus, as well as its passion for justice, the dignity of human beings, and our Cuba’s best interest.

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