The situation of risk against Pastor Luis Miguel Caviedes continues

Rev. Luis Caviedes


The Intereclesial Commission for Justice and Peace informs that in August 17, around 7:00 am in the Prados del Limonar area in Cali, while the pastor of the Colombian Methodist Church, Luis Miguel Caviedes, found himself walking through the street 14 that he was intimidated by a motorized civilian.

The stranger, who was wearing a black vest, jean, with a hoodie and helmet, approached the pastor from the back telling him: “Keep walking” (…) “Keep supporting the old man and helping those punks (…) we have you clocked”.

The trailing, harassment, and psychological pressure against the Methodist Pastor, who takes part on a work of support towards José Alberto Tejada, Canal2 from Cali, 21N and the Commission for Justice and Peace, shows the absence of a guarantee for the promotion, projection and defense of human rights for the young protestors in the city of Cali.

On Luis Iguel’s situation, the state of the legal investigations is unknown and there is no intitutional response to guarantee the exercise of his pastoral, human rights, and peace work.

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Translation: Massimiliano Tron F

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