Urgent Action in Palestine


From Rev. Allison Tanner of Lakeshore Baptist Church-

I wanted to share an urgent action on Palestine: 16 families in Silwan, Jerusalem are under threat of Israeli demolition of their homes any time- and U.S. faith leaders are responding in unison, as part of the August Jerusalem Month of Action, to expose the ‘biblical theme park’ and demand U.S. Democratic leaders stop funding this atrocity. 

Please read the letter & sign on here by Monday, 8/23 10am ET: bit.ly/InterfaithLetterJerusalem

You can also help by forwarding this letter directly to leaders of faith-based communities, organizations, and movements. The letter is circulating publicly for sign-on.

Feel free to use the image below to share.In summary the letter reads: “The only reason the Israeli government has not yet expelled these families is because the world is watching… Using religion to dispossess people of their homes and lands based on their ethnicity is deeply unlawful and an infringement on human rights. Building a “biblical theme park” on stolen Palestinian land is an affront to all people of faith… The only way to defeat white supremacy everywhere is to consistently show up in solidarity anywhere marginalized communities are under threat. We call on you to loudly condemn these expulsions in Jerusalem and across all of Palestine and to stop the flow of our tax dollars for Israel’s ongoing ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people.”

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