Bishop Stanley da Silva Moraes passes away

Bishop Stanley da Silva Moraes


The 73 years old Honorary Bishop of the Brazilian Methodist Church, Stanley da Silva Moraes, passed away on November 16. On his last days, the bishop was being treated for a critical Covid-19 condition, pneumonia, and other complications due to a kidney transplant in 2015. Bishop Stanley leaves his wife Rute Moraes, two daughters (Taís and Liane), two sons-in-law (Oseias and Wagner), as well as two granddaughters Maria Luiza and Eduarda and grandsons Pedry and Rafael.

Health – Bishop Stanley Moraes subjected himself to a kidney transplant on the 31st of May 2015 at the Surgical Center of the Hospital das Clínicas, São Paulo. It was close to 7 hours of surgery. Stanley reacted well to the pos-tsurgery and continued with the necessary medicine and care for a transplant patient. He continued his life normally serving Christ and the Church and dedicating himself to his family as he had always done throughout his life.

On his last days he had to go back to the hospital due to his bad health. His daughter Taís Moraes, reported on social media the health of his father: “Since yesterday [7/11] my dad’s situation is stable, the covid has not advanced and he has had small improvements in some indices. Today he spoke a bit with me, which made me really happy. He is fighting for life”, she published on November 7; and on November 11, she informed that the Bishop was still fighting for life and the Psalm 46 was very present in the life of their family. Sadly, his health has worsened much.

Pastoral Ministry – Bishop Stanley da Silva Moraes was ordained deacon at the end of 1970; in 1971, he received his first pastoral appointment in Porto Alegre/RS. He was pastor of 16 congregations in Cruz Alta/RS. Dedicated, the bishop always had in his mind to serve God in a “servant Church, in which each believer serves God and others with joy”, he said in an interview for the Christian Expositor, in 2017. He was a pastoral theology teacher and director of the John Wesley Theological Institute. From 1981 to 1987 he was priest in Santa María.

Stanley was chosen as Bishop of the Methodist Church in 1991, when he presided the 2nd region until 1998, later he occupied the charge of the Bishop School’s Executive Secretary, but as he himself said he “never stopped being a pastor”.

At the Methodist House, in Santa María and in the IRMA, in Alegrete, Rio Grande do Sul, bishop Stanley watched over poor kids for more than 20 years (1965 to 1988) as a volunteer. He helped children do their schoolwork, guide them while they played, directed the moments of spirituality, and tended to other needs.

In 2006, in the second phase of the General Council, the delegates chose the bishops Stanley da Silva Moraes, Geoval Jacinto da Silva, and Josué Adam Lazier as honorary bishops of the Church.

On September 22nd 2012 he took possession as President of the Superior Administrative Council – Consad, staying in that position until August of 2014. He took care of pastoring the council in the name of the Council of Bishops, as well as the dimensional confessions of the Methodist Education Network.

Bishop Stanley was currently a member of the Penha Methodist Church in São Paulo. He also exercised as episcopal support in counseling for the 3rd Ecclesiastical Region. He was also president of the Brazilian Regional Secretary of the Latin American Council of Churches (CLAI-BR).

Bishop Stanley received the Order of Methodist Merit in February 2017 – recognition for the relevant services given to the mission, in the São Paulo Methodist Cathedral, together with other honorees.

Translations: Massimiliano Tron F.

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