WSCF at the ACT Alliance Electronic Assembly

The World Student Christian Federation participated in the ACT Alliance Electronic Assembly 2021 that took place between November 29- December 3 which focused on the issue of youth and climate justice. In this assembly over 270 representatives elected a new governing board, officers, and membership and nominations committee for the alliance, as well as engaging in discussion on a range of issues*.
As partners of ACT Alliance, the WSCF participated through its General Secretary, Marcelo Leites. He was a speaker in the December 1st session, where ideas about youth and climate justice action were discussed with Fernanda Zúñiga, from the Lutheran World Federation. The Regional level of  WSCF was also represented in that session by Mira Neaimeh, Regional Secretary of WSCF Middle East. This increment of participation of youth not only as delegates but also as moderators, panelists and contributors, according to ACT, was one of the achievements of this Electronic Assembly.

WSCF reaffirms its commitment to continue working with ACT Alliance and congratulates the new governing board. 
ACT Alliance is a coalition of more than 140 churches and church-related organisations working together in over 100 countries to create positive and sustainable change in the lives of poor and marginalised people regardless of their religion, politics, gender, sexual orientation, race or nationality in keeping with the highest international codes and standards.

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