More Love and Solidarity from the USA to Cuba


A donation of 7000 pounds (3.17) tons of milk poder collected by Cubans living in the USA and by solidarity groups working with Cuba in the northern country arrived this April 11th to Havana. The content is worth roughly  US$15, 813 and will be distributed  by the Cuban Church Council (CIC), the oncology hospitals of Havana and Holguín and the elderly people from Ejército de Salvación being their beneficiaries, as announced by Félix Sharpe, representative of the Pan en Michigan project and one of the initiative promoters.

He also noted that this donation is the materialisation of the efforts of Cubans committed to their people’s wellness, and it shows that Cuba is not alone. After telling about a personal experience which, in his view, “shows the cruelty of the blockade,” he upheld his rejection to the economic siege of the USA against Cuba and ensured that “this donation is a sign of hope for building together a path of normalisation of the relations between the two countries.” Mark Friedman, coordinator of the Comité Manos outside Cuba in LA and in representation of the campaing  Salvando Vidas, expressed that this donation is another victory of the colaboration in response to the blockade.

He explained that, following this campaing, thousands of people showed their solidarity with the people of Cuba, who, for six decades, has been facing a cruel blockaed “which must be brought to an end”, and remembered the historic bonds which link the Cuban Church both from Cuba and the USA, and who have worked against such cruel policy.

On his side, reverend Joel Ortega Dopico, president of CIC and pastor of the Cuban Reformed Presbiterian Church, thanked the solidarity and the support showed for years to just causes supported by the Council of Churches standing by the Cuban people. With touching words he ensured that gestures like this one  show that “a better world is possible, that love is more powerful than hate and that what is most important is peace.”

The donation was sponsored by Fundación El Pan, Cubanakoa, Global Health Partner y the Milk Producers Association from the State of Michigan, among others. Alexis Martínez, from the Ministry of Foreing Commerce and Foreing Investment thanked on behalf of the people and the Cuban  government to the organisations, religious communities, companies and people who made this donation possible, ensuring that, with their solidarity Cuba will be able to improve, even in spite of the hostile American policy. During the delivery, other authorities of the CIC were present as well as foreing and local press with Cuban permissions.

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