As Born among Us: “The migratory crisis will not disappear, how do we respond?”


The As Born among us (CNEN, in spanish) campaign has looked to catalyze evangelical churches and religious organizations from Latin America to respond to the migratory crisis in the region, informed and inspired by a theological perspective. Launched during 2019 as an answer to the Venezuelan crisis, the Campaign soon expanded throughout the Latin American and Caribbean region, focusing its labor in four key areas: 1) Sensibilize the churches about the biblical mandate to serve and work in the name of migrating people, 2) Mobilize and develop actions, 3) Incur, and 4) Integrate migrating peoples into the receptive communities. CNEN is, in essence, a catalytic initiative that looks not only to inspire an answer, but also to unite allies on a regional level to reach a collective impact and a common voice.

The regional CNEN Campaign was developed in three phases. During each of them, the Campaign utilized social media, religious leaders meetings, sensibilization events, capacitations and education, and promotion efforts to advance its four objectives. With time, the vision of CNEN has been refined to see a world in which people have the option to migrate or not. With time, the vision of CNEN has been refined to see a world in which people have the option to migrate or not. Those who do, could make it in a safe way, be treated with dignity and integrate to the receptive communities.

To the date last week’s report was presented, the regional Campaign consists of 59 allies, of which, 36% are ecclesiastic entities and 64% are confessional organizations. Geographically: In May 2022, 34% are in the Andes region, 32% are regional or global, 19% are in Central America, 10% are in South America, and 5% in North America.

The Campaign is followed by at least 7,024 people in social media, and has reached almost 3 million people through its digital content. ALC News has been part of this media process.


The CNEN Campaign showed that the religious leaderships of Latin America are eager to bond together to deal with one of the most pressing issues in the region, that of migration. Throughout the way key lessons have been learnt that, if taken into account, have the power to pave the path for a stronger and more impactful CNEN. There has also been a lot of learning that can bring orientation to better structures, policies, and the processes of Tearfund on a regional and global level.

In general, although the Campaign faced challenges with financing and personnel, not to mention a global pandemic, it was still able to produce very promising results. The evaluators captured some of these results, but it’s sure that there’s many more stories waiting to be heard. As we speak with the allies and members of CNEN, there is a desire for more, a feeling that a lot is possible now that the bases have been built.

The migration crisis will not vanish; it has come to stay. The only question that remains is… How will we answer?

Translation: Massimiliano Tron F

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