DIPAZ on the second round of dialogue between the Colombian government delegations and the National Liberation Army


The Intereclesiastical Dialogue for peace Colombia-DiPaz, welcomes the start of the second dialogue cycle in Mexico this February 13th between the delegations of the Colombian government and the National Liberation Army-ELN. “We have the hope that we advance in agreements which will bring peace to our country”, affirms the statement.

We consider it of great importance and urgency to advance and achieve agreements in the schedule announced so the regions that suffer the most from poverty and conflict better their conditions and so as social segments we can participate in an active manner with proposals and actions that bring to reality the will and hope for a peace that’s the fruit of justice in Colombia, they emphasize.

“We are here with the impulse that the Colombian President Gustavo Petro has given to peace as state policy”, assured Otty Patiño, leader of the Colombian government delegation. Patiño remarked that in this round it will be key to “produce results”, by underlining that “what’s agreed on in the board gets implemented in the territories”.

Pablo Beltrán, of the ELN delegation, detailed that in this second round of dialogue they will try to agree on a definitive schedule for the negotiations and they will deal with the conditions for “a bilateral, temporary and national cease of fire”. The conversations continue “with the determination of reaching an integral and lasting peace”. Nonetheless, Beltrán warned that the board “will not produce a revolution by contract nor decree an automatic demobilization of the rebel groups”.

DIPAZ affirms that their work and compromise to continue contributing and following the achievement of peace in Colombia by way of dialogue stays firm in both a nation and international level, together with the World Council of Churches and the global ecumenical family.

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