Institution promotes cultural and interreligious integration for Brazil


Hajj Valter is 41 years old. Every week he visits schools in Santa Catarina and Paraná, where he presents Islam and the culture of Muslim countries to children and teachers from private and public schools. The lectures take place mainly in schools. But they can also take place in mosques, which open their doors to welcome the local community.

In the lecture, Hajj presents Islamic belief, opens a space for questions and answers and, above all, builds bridges of dialogue between Muslim and Christian culture. “We create an atmosphere of relaxed respect, where everyone can see that we have a lot in common, that we believe in God and that we all strive for good,” says Hajj.

The whole action is coordinated by the World Assembly of Islamic Youth in Brazil (WAMY). The idea is to create an exchange of knowledge, providing students and teachers with contact with a culture and faith so often portrayed in the media with the bias of intolerance. “One of our goals is precisely to present Islam beyond what the press presents,” explains Hajj.

“Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, it is growing in Brazil, in Europe and even in the United States. Sooner or later we will have Muslim neighbours, relatives who have returned to this faith… and getting to know it without filters is fundamental to overcome stereotypes”, he reflects.

In 2022, several schools were visited, impacting hundreds of students. “The more opportunities for encounter, the greater our chances of building an atmosphere of dialogue and peace, which is the essence of religions. We are called to build bridges, not walls. And this has been my mission with WAMY,” says Hajj.

How can I organise a conference in my school?

If you are a teacher, principal or educator in a school and are interested in hosting a WAMY conference on aspects of the Islamic faith and culture in Muslim countries, please contact: Remember: we need to build bridges, not walls.

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