Ten years of the Lutheran World Federation’s Gender Justice policy celebrated


The second night of the 8th Gender and Religion Congress organized by EST in San Leopoldo, Brazil, celebrated 10 years of the Lutheran World Federation-LWF Gender Justice policy and 10 years of the reconfiguration of the EST Gender and Religion Programme.

LWF Gender Justice and Women’s Empowerment Programme Executive Marcia Blasi said that the LWF Gender Justice policy is the most published document of the Federation and that each national church then uses it according to its reality. In Brazil, for example, the EST, IECLB and other Lutheran confessional organisations have developed their own policies based on the Federation’s policy.”It’s a celebration that starts but doesn’t end, it keeps moving,” she says.

The women of the Women’s Network for Gender Justice in Latam, through their current coordinators, Angela Trejo and Elizabet Arciniegas, gave an account of what they have worked on since the pandemic until now, thanking the network for having new faces and new voices.

The Gender and Religion Programme of the EST began more than 30 years ago with the theology chair, but it was 10 years ago that with the support of the Swedish church, it began to grow in this format, having now an abundant harvest of publications and students who have passed through its formation.

Special thanks were given to Andre Musskopf, Adriana Gastellu, Elaine Neuenf, Marcia Blasi, Marli Brun – the first advisor to the Chair of Theology.

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