AIPRAL Encourages Community to Celebrate Prayer for Latin American Women’s day


As every year, the Alianza de Iglesias Presbiterianas y Reformadas de América Latina – AIPRAL (Presbyterian and Reformed Churches of Latin America) encourages the community to join the Prayer for Latin American Women’s day, next Friday 8th September. The Prayer for Latin American Women’s day is essential when it comes to the Alliance’s efforts in connection with their commitment with genre policies. In this case, the liturgical proposal has been prepared by the women of the Venezuelan Presbyterian Church (IPV).

For this task, the IPV formed a team which represented two prebyterian groups through two sisters in the communities of Maracaibo, Barquisimeto (Western Presbyterian group), Cúpira and Caracas (Central Presbyterian group.) The motto of this reads: “Overwhelmed by hope, filled with joy and peace, for the power of the Holy Spirit.” Based on Romans
From the Women’s Office in AIPRAL we support and facilitate the task of the program 2023 build up which was possible thanks to everebody’s commitment to actively parcitipate in weekly zoom meetings.

The team of Reverend María Jiménez, Executive Secretary of the IPV National Synod, her Central Presbyterian group and Pastor of the Caracas Presbyterian Church Prince of Peace was formed by: Presbyterian Loida de Valera, Finance Secretary of the IPV and founding member of the CREARTE Net, Deacon Josymar González, in charge of the work
with children at the Cúpira Church Nazareth, Presbyterian Miriam Franca, member of the San Francisco Church, Presbyterian Nilmarys Crespo, member of the Divino Salvador de Barquisimeto Church and Argentine Waldensian Pastor, Reverend Claudia Tron, recently included as coordinator of AIPRAL Women and Genre Policies Office.

Let the Divine Grace find us when we meet and join in our prayers throughout the continente, let it gather us, renew our hopes and encourages us in the search and promotion of life in full.

The material can be found here in PDF content/uploads/2023/08/liturgia-DOMLA23.pdf


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