• ALC is a space for information and communications of the churches, specialized ministries, cooperation agencies and the public in general.
  • Through its web site, it offers information and documentation about the presence and incidence of the churches in Latin America and the Caribbean, and other regions of the world.
  • It publishes some five news stories daily (news, articles, interviews) in Spanish, Portuguese and English.  It also distributes these news stories daily free of charge by e-mail to its subscribers, keeping in mind the preferences each subscriber indicated in their subscription request, having to do with the countries where the news stories originate, religious affiliation and themes of interest.
  • The agency understands communication as being a participatory interchange. As a result of that concept, it publishes other sites on the web in “Also visit” and maintains the “Reader’s opinion” and “Agenda” blocks.
  • In “Reader’s opinion,” additional comments and reflections elaborating on the published news stories, articles and interviews, and the themes mentioned are appreciated. In “Agenda,” there is a special interest in the events having to do with the ecumenical organizations and the churches associated with the organizations that support the agency.