Christmas 2020 – Greetings from ALC

“The midwives, however, feared God and did not do what the king of Egypt had told them to do; they let the boys live.” (Exodus 1.17) 

In times of #pandemic and precarity due to #CoronaVirus, our decisions and convictions make the difference, gives dignity and security to life, and makes it a little bit fairer for us and the people around us. In this context ALC News has continued to plan strategically its dreams and projects.

If this #pandemic makes something clear for ALC News, is that the projects where the values of the Kingdom are shared with generosity and boldness, bears fruits. Fruits that speak about what’s been done like:

  • ALC Universities, we generated a new space during August, dedicated exclusively to the work not only of continental academic spaces, but also to all the seminaries and similar spaces of the region, who reinvent daily an effective and liberatory theology.
  • New agreement frameworks (you will be able to see them in the website on its three languages) at the end of “Strategic Joints”, that renew joint dreams and projects with more partner organizations in our mission.
  • Creation of the APP for the Agency, where you can follow the daily communications and take ALC News in your mobile.
  • Increase the board of directors of the Agency with the incorporation of a new associate (“Otras Cruces”) and this way, incorporate more actions and thought into the collective construction that represents the Ecumenic Agency of Communication in Latin America and the Caribbean in its more than 25 years of life.

These, and other signals, are our livelihood options and convictions of who we take care of and protect, like midwives in their time,  the signs and signals that show the birth of a new time to come, more hopeful, more solidary, and above all, shared with all of you.

Happy Christmas and a good 2021 beginning!

It’s the wish of the Ecumenic Agency of Communication in Latin America and the Caribbean!

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