National Missing Persons Search Brigade: Ask For Accompaniment to Faith-Based Communities


From the 9th to the 24th of October of 2021 the VI National Missing Persons Search Brigade (BNB) will take place in the State of Morelos, it is coordinated by the Network of National Links, which articulates more than 160 collectives (spontaneous organizations by families in search) from all around Mexico. The jobs of the VI Brigade in Morelos had been put on hold due to the pandemic, but now are reprogrammed.

Around 120 people are expected within a week, and during the second week around another centenary. It’s about the families of victims, that have gone to various States around the country looking for their loved ones.

 As is considered in the original plan, they will work in at least fourteen municipalities in the State of Morelos; they will look for clues of the missing persons that could be alive, as well as possible remains of those who could have died.

The brigade goes in search of multiple places, from reclusion centers, hospitals of Police offices, even units of forensic medicine, as well as empty lots where clandestine holes could have been sent

The BNB is composed of two main areas: search and awareness, and each of three axis based area:


-In life
-En el campo

-Public Service
-Churches and faith-based community

The Axis of Churches and Faith Based Communities ecumenically articulated with different denominations, tells us Rev. Arturo Carrasco Gomez,  Dean of the Sagrada Familia in the Mexican Anglican Church. For the VI BNB the Anabaptist, Mennonite, Anglican, Roman Catholic, Methodist, and Covenant churches will cooperate.

The Axis of Churches and Faith Based Communities has four tasks for this search, detailed by the Reverend:

-Brotherhood and solidarity within the faith based communities, in support of the families.

-Campaign: Path, truth, and life (biblical, theological, and pastoral reflection with searching family members, from John 14:6)

-Peace Mailbox, placed in the facilities so that all people of good faith can share a message of hope and classified information relating to the location of missing persons.

-Coordination and education for peace, to continue supporting beyond the BNB.

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