Bedi Racule at COP28: “One thing that really unites us together is our faith”

Bedi Racule, is an interning ecumenical enabler for climate justice with the Pacific Conference of Churches. She took time to reflect on her experience at COP28, and how her faith is an integral part of her climate justice work.

“I am a daughter of Oceania and I am here representing the faith communities of the Pacific,” she said. “We have a very diverse network of communities n the Pacific with many different interests, and one thing that really unites us together is our faith and our resolve as a Pacific household to bring forth peace and prosperity in our region.”

Climate justice is very personal for Racule. “I’ve been witnessing the climate change impacts that have been happening in my home,” she said. “I am grateful to be able to understand the importance of policies as a way to enact change.”

She plans to return home and urge people to act. 

“I am really excited to take whatever actions come out of this COP into my community,” she said. “But I really take those tools of resilience as my personal shield and weapon here: my faith, my community, and my culture.”

Racule acknowledged that there are frustrating aspects to COP. “Some messages are not being captured in the way that we want,” she said. “But I thought, how great that we have the same stories on different sides of the world, and we didn’t know we can share that solidarity and work together.”

She also believes that people will be convinced to work for climate justice one person at a time—and that faith in God is vital to this process. 

“It’s really important to know that our Heavenly Father, God, is mindful of us—he’s looking our for us every day,” she said. “Whenever you feel like you haven’t accomplished something, he will do the rest—the spirit will convey that message. It’s beyond what you say; it’s what you make people feel and invite people to feel.”

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