Meeting between Columbia Theological Seminary and the Justo and Catherine González Resource Center


On April 16, 2024, a group from Columbia Theological Seminary convened at the Justo and Catherine González Resource Center in Decatur, where esteemed theological minds gathered for a profound exchange of ideas. Dr. Justo González and Dr. Catherine González, his wife, both of whom are known for their dedication to theological education, welcomed attendees to a space imbued with warmth and intellectual rigor.

Among the notable figures present were Dr. William Yoo, Associate Professor of American Religious and Cultural History and Director of the MDiv Program; Dr. Mark Douglas, an eminent scholar in Christian Ethics and Lead Professor of the ThM Program; and Dr. Victor Aloyo, President of Columbia Theological Seminary.

Throughout the gathering, discussions centered on pressing questions regarding faith and justice, the history of the church, the enduring legacy of Christianity, and the influence of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on social justice. As conversations unfolded, a sense of communion permeated the room—a recognition that fellowship and shared inquiry are integral to the pursuit of truth.

After the lunch, all the attendees proceeded to the center where they had the opportunity to explore the González Resource Center’s collection of books. Amidst the shelves lined with volumes of theological scholarship, participants engaged in lively discussions, took photographs, and exchanged experiences. This intimate encounter with the rich literary legacy of the González couple served as a poignant reminder of the enduring impact of their contributions to theological discourse and education.


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