Practice Community CREO Launches

“We’re a community that summons faith based organizations, leaderships and activists who promote human rights from diverse creeds and spiritualitues to elevate the power of their word”, says the Practice Community CREO which was launched recently from Otros Cruces and Puentes.

This community is a virtual space in which organizations and activists who work for faith and human rights in Latin America can get together to:

  • Receive tools and knowledge about communication, narratives and storytelling
  • Realize practical exercises that helps strengthen our work.
  • Connect with people, groups and causes.
  • Have access to narrative exploration scholarships.

The themes explored are: lay state and religious freedom, gender equality, climate justice, social justice, gender diversity and inclusion, sexual education, sexual and reproductive rights. On the web and in Spanish you can find:

“We seek to contribute and boost the narratives of the spiritualities that fight for human rights in Latin America, producing tools and contents that allow them to have better communication with their publics in the different formats and spaces in which they are involved”.

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