World Association for Christian Communication (WACC) congratulates Dr. Luis Ramiro Beltrán

Dr Luis Ramiro Beltrán (WACC)(WACC/ALC


The International Centre of Higher Communication Studies for Latin America (CIESPAL), based in Quito, Ecuador, has honoured legendary Bolivian communicator Dr. Luis Ramiro Beltrán Salmón with its Gold Medal.

Director Dr. Francisco Sierra Caballero presented CIESPAL’s highest mark of distinction at an event September 22, co-organized by the social communications departments of the Catholic University of Bolivia and the Higher University of San Andrés, in La Paz, Bolivia.

CIESPAL is renowned as a centre of excellence in the training, study and documentation of social communications. Its Gold Medal recognizes communicators for their distinguished contribution to the field and for advancing democratic debate in the interests of the whole of society.

In 1983 Bolivia gave Luis Ramiro Beltrán his country’s highest award, the Cóndor de Los Andes. That same year he received Canada’s Marshall McLuhan-Teleglobe Prize. In 1984 the Catholic University of Bolivia made him a Doctor Honoris Causa and in 1999 inaugurated a chair in his name in the department of social communications.

The Catholic University of Bolivia today houses the largest collection of Dr. Beltrán’s intellectual output, together with works written about him and the many awards he has received during his long career promoting the right to communicate.

WACC is one of many non-governmental organizations that have directly benefitted from the work and vision of a man who believes that communication is the foundation of coexistence and of democracy in practice.

WACC’s members and partners worldwide offer their congratulations and warm good wishes.

Photo: Dr Luis Ramiro Beltrán (WACC)

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