CIEMAL expresses solidarity to Methodist Church of Mexico on the disappeared teacher students



In a November 12 message to Bishop Fernando Fuentes Amador, Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church of Mexico, A.R., the President of the Council of Evangelical Methodist Churches of Latin America and the Caribbean (CIEMAL), Rev. Lizzette Gabriel Montalvo, has shared with the Mexican Church of Mexico a Manifesto of Solidarity and Accompaniment on the 43 disappeared teacher students

Manifesto of Solidarity and Accompaniment with the Mexican people on the disappearance, desolation of the families, anguish of the people, violent deaths and atrocities against the 43 teacher students in the State of Guerrero, Mexico.

We are moved by the recent news of the disappearance of the 43 teacher students of the State of Guerrero in Mexico, moreover by the description of the violent episodes and cruelties exposed by the office of the Attorney General regarding the murders of these 43 students. We reach out to the families that have personally experienced the pain, the anguish and the sleepless nights of seeking to find their children. The deaths of these students have been violent, cruel and merciless. We also reach out to the communities exacerbated in the face of the impotence of the acts experienced.

The Executive Committee of the Council of Evangelical Methodist Churches of Latin America and the Caribbean (CIEMAL), wants to make manifest its deep solidarity and accompaniment to all the Mexican people; especially to these 43 families that are living through this deep pain and are going through the valley of darkness and death. We also condemn all kinds of attacks against life, dehumanization, baseness and the violence generated by the chaos acting against the well-being of the Mexican people in the State of Guerrero and bordering towns. These are acts that hurt deeply and deviate away from all sense of a culture of peace and hope.

As Latin American people, believers in the Giver of Life, as people of faith we make a profound call to good sense, to the greatest community well-being and, above all, to peace, because we believe that a better world is possible. Through this experience of deep pain, comes a great challenge: that of building a better world, a better country, a better state, a better neighborhood and a better atmosphere of life in community. The Reverend John Wesley, founder of the Methodist Church said: “Even though we cannot think alike, cannot we love each other the same?”

We pray that good sense reigns among the citizens of the State of Guerrero and the whole world, so that respect for life prevails; so that love prevails; so that peace prevails. We pray for a complete clarification of what has happened that will allow the truth to be known, so that the justice that will bring peace to the nation be done. We pray that once more the Angel’s hymn be heard from the State of Guerrero to the ends of the earth: “… on earth peace, goodwill for all” (Luke 2:14b).

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