We should work to eliminate one of the most common daily forms of violence, that of the symbolic, says WACC-LA

No to Gender Violence (WACC LA)World Association for Christian Communication Latin America, WACC-LA/ALC


The Executive Committee of the World Association for Christian Communication Latin America (WACC-LA) issued an official statement on the occasion of the Day of NON Violence Against Women.

The WACC-LA statement reads:

November 25 is an emblematic day for women because it was instituted to remember how much violence half of the world’s population suffers every day and how much we need to work to eliminate it as a society.

As communicators who are part of an organization that works for the right to communication, we have a moral obligation of working to eliminate one of the most common daily forms of violence, that of the symbolic. There are publications that degrade, defame and reproduce the stereotypes that place women in situations that do not allow their self-determination or have them as unnoticed objects, often under the disguise of “humor.”

While thousands of women see and hear through the communication media the naturalization of social roles constructed as biological suppositions, the commitment is to work in an inclusive communication that integrates all forms of being a woman.

As WACC-LA we commit ourselves to work for a broad concept of the Right to Communication, understanding that the representations that the media construct and reproduce are in many cases symbolic violence expressed through the media means. We repudiate all forms of violence against women and we continue working so that in Latin America the voice of women be the main character in the telling of their own story.

Photo: No to Gender Violence (WACC LA)

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